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Changing Lives through Attainable Affordable Housing


Thank you Peninsula Foundation for investing into Critical Home Repairs in our communities through the Lake Norman CDC.

Numerous families who work in the Lake Norman area cannot afford to live among those they serve.  

Lake Norman CDC is helping families of moderate income attain housing solutions.

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When Affordable Housing is Unattainable

When Affordable Housing is Attainable

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Those who give so much to serve our community should have the opportunity to live in it.

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Attainable affordable housing is a critical issue touching each of us.  From teachers to care-givers and small business-owners to firefighters – we all are affected by the availability of affordable housing.  Everyone wants to be part of the community where they work.  


Using 30% affordable housing definition

Cornelius, NC as of Sept. 2022 

Average 2-bedroom rent - $1900

Average home rental - $2,344

According to HUD affordable housing is households spending 30% or less on housing costs, including rent or mortgage payments, utilities, and other fees.

Spending over 30% is considered housing cost burdened or housing insecure. This means that a person, such as a school teacher making $44,000 should be paying no more than $1,100 in housing costs (rent and utilities).


As a Community Development Corporation, the Lake Norman CDC is a non-profit creating diverse affordable housing opportunities that are attainable for moderate income households in our region.  We are committed to changing lives and strengthening our community through safe, service-enriched affordable housing programs.

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