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Property Owners

Your Property can Change Lives

No one entity can solve the affordable housing challenge in the Lake Noman area.  It will take the public, private and non-profit sectors working together to make a difference.


We are Seeking Property Owner Partners

The Lake Norman Community Development Corporation is seeking property owners of rental units in the area to help provide housing through our Rental Bridge Program. To partner, the property owner agrees to accept a rent assistance check monthly from the Lake Norman CDC on behalf of the renter. It’s that simple.  


The Tenants

Qualified tenants who earn between 60% and 100% AMI and work in the Lake Norman area, signs a rental lease as usual and participates in a coaching program to help move them forward towards homeownership. The rental assistance and coaching program is for one-year with a option for a second year renewal.



Vacancy Protection

The property owner retains a renter, avoiding turnover costs.

Renter Quality

The tenant is engaged in a financial and career coaching program.

Citizenship Award

As a property owner, you are participating in an affordable housing solution with no reduction in rent revenue and will be acknowledged as a partner at appropriate venues.

Interested in Becoming a Partner in the Rental Bridge Program?

To learn more about how you can change lives by partnering with the Lake Norman CDC, please contact us.

Benefits Include

Next Steps

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