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Senior Rent Relief Program


The Senior Rent Relief Program is a rental assistance program for seniors age 55 and older, earning 40% AMI or less who have a 10% increase in rent living in Cornelius, NC. The program is in response to the continued rises in rental rates seniors are facing in our community.  The program is  a limited fund with no renewal.  Qualified participants will receive 50% of their rent increase experienced between April 1, 2024 and December 1, 2024 with a maximum of assistance payment of $75 per month. The rental assistance will conclude July 1, 2025 – the last rental assistance payment by the Lake Norman CDC will be made in June 2025 for July rent. Applicants must meet the program eligibility guidelines.

Program Eligibility

a) Applicants must be single or married households of persons 55+ earning 40% AMI or less which is less than $29,700 annually.
b) If single, only one renter may apply per unit.
c) Applicants must be able to show proof of residency in their current unit in Cornelius, NC no later than January, 2023.
d) Applicants must not be in arrears in their current rent payment.
e) Applicants must be able to provide proof of rent increase of 10% or more between April - December 2024.
f) Applicants must provide a signed release waiver from the Property Owner allowing the Lake Norman CDC to verify rental information.
g) The Property Owner must be willing to receive a rental assistance payment from the Lake Norman CDC and provide the Lake Norman CDC a current W9.  No checks will be written to an individual renter. 

Application Information

a)  Completed “Application Packets” will be dated and entered into program on first come first qualified basis.  An applicant does not enter the program review until a completed packet of information is received.  If a partial application packet is received, the Lake Norman CDC will work to assist the applicant to complete the application packet for 10 days.  If the applicant does not provide the necessary information within the 10 day period, the application will be placed on hold.
b)    If an applicant meets all the program guidelines, but the property owner does not complete the necessary W9 for check payments or sign the waiver for rental information, the applicant will be unable to receive the rental assistance.

Application Documents

Property Owner Waiver
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